Membership Benefits


What Does IRCA-Los Angeles Offer To The Investor?

Here’s just a few of the unique membership benefits
that IRC of America Los Angeles has created to meet and exceed the needs
of both beginning and seasoned investor!

 Become A Platinum Member  or a Gold Member Today!   NEW!!

IRCA Platinum Membership includes:

IRCA’s Monthly Local Chapter Meetings and Programs – Every month members can attend the main meeting, local support training sessions and NOW Platinum members can also attend REICLA meetings for FREE (usually the cost is $29 at the door) and attend GOLD only meetings with REICLA on the third Tuesday of the month to improve their skills and strategies.  IRCA also host Saturday training events.  Platinum Members can attend for free or for reduced cost.  You will leave the meetings knowing you have a “hands-on”, like-minded local support group to network with each month.  Our members can also make announcements at the first Tuesday evening meetings about properties or services you have.

Your Own Individual Power Real Estate Website – Our use of technology is awesome!  each IRCA member receives their own professionally designed, state of the art, website package so you can quickly get your business online and up and running quickly and professionally without first having to learn webmastering techniques.  These web sites include tools to market your properties, find motivated sellers and lenders, locate private funding and many other business accelerating techniques.  In addition, IRC of America will use your website’s user-friendly management area (absolutely no “coding” or “HTML” to learn) to communicate valuable “IRCA Only” information to you. It’s the easiest website you’ll never have to build.  Your website is completely customizable in every area and to any level you desire and, best of all, every property listings published on your site is also instantly available on over 2,500 other websites across the country, including IMLSOnline.Com – all for FREE!

Masterminding – Spend your valuable time with like-minded investors who can help take your business to the next level as quickly as possible. Hear proven real estate strategies and insight from experienced real estate investors that are actively doing what  industry leaders teaches. Also, access to possible joint ventures on your deals with other investors.

The RESource Newsletter – This Monthly Local publication brings the latest tips, hottest strategies, and wisdom from  industry leaders who will educate, motivate and challenge you to not only do more deals, but better deals than you ever imagined possible.  The RESource will also keep you informed on the latest legislative updates and impacts as they become available.  (Temporarily discontinued)

Run Your Deal by an Expert – You will have access to discuss stucturing your deals and filling out paperwork with the Expert- Steve Love.  Steve has been a real estate broker since 1978, a real estate appraiser, and a real estate investor.  He learned from Ron LeGrand, Jack Miller, Peter Fortunato, John Schaub  and was mentored by Mike Cantu (considered one of the best buyers in Southern California).

Access to archived radio shows –  You can listen to Steve Love’s 100+ archived internet radio show “Prosperity Through Real Estate”.  Steve interviews real estate investing guru’s, seasoned investors, newbies, support services for investing and  other real estate investing niches.  If you aren’t sure what niche you want to use for investing (such as Probates, Notes, REO’s, Bankruptcies, Subject to, etc) listen to the shows and get an idea of what appeals to you.    Every month at IRCA and on the radio show, we feature different areas of real estate to invest in this market.  The radio shows are informational, not sales pitches.

Premium Seating – A second row seat will be saved for Platinum Members.  The seats are saved until 7:05 pm, then if vacant, are available for the other visitors.

Platinum Membership also gives you the benefits of the Gold Membership below.

Become A Platinum Member 

  • Local Industry Contacts – Local Industry Contacts – Access to local success teams, including professionals such as attorneys, CPAs, mortgage lenders, title companies, etc. as well as tradesmen such as carpet companies, roofers, handymen, etc.Membership Bonus Start-Up Kit – Receive IRC of America’s BONUS start-up kit upon joining with various audio CDs, and Ron LeGrand’s latest best selling book to get you off to a flying start.Member Discounts – Receive discounts available only to IRCA members on seminars, speaker products and local, regional, and national events, and other products and services to make your business more successful.Volunteer Opportunities – Volunteer Opportunities within the local chapter. These help you to be seen as “mover and shaker” and demonstrate that you belong to the elite membership of IRC of America Volunteers who learn faster and receive more by “doing”.
  • Membership Affiliate Program – Membership with IRC of America is a breeze and you get affiliate rewards toward your membership and/or other IRC products for sharing the program with others who join.
  • Community Reconstruction – Help your community by improving the blighted neighborhoods, thereby increasing value and your county’s tax revenue. Pride of ownership will elevate in lower income neighborhoods, which leads to a higher value on your next deal in those areas.

Become A Platinum Member
Can you put a price on help with your deals by a seasoned pro?  We are now offering GOLD Membership benefits as well as all Platinum benefits for only  $99 per month

NEW!!     GOLD Membership       NEW!!

In a partnership with REIC-LA ( we now offer a GOLD Membership.

In addition to being able to attend IRCA General Meetings for FREE and getting discounts on IRCA Saturday events, Gold members can attend REICLA second Tuesday nite meetings for free for the year,  as well as two other members meetings.

The GOLD program is designed for the dedicated real estate investors who are looking for a Mastermind group for further education. This education has hours of small group networking, small workshop training, access to deals, exclusive opportunities to meet and work with our nationally recognized speakers, and much more.  Size is limited, so don’t hesitate to become a part of this special group NOW! (See Robyn Love for an application)

Membership also includes :

  • Real Estate Investment Aptitue Quize and a 30 Minute call with Phyllis Rockower, owner of REICLA.
  • Recorded monthly call.
  • Private Monthly Meetings with Phyllis and an Industry Guest.
  • Access to Deals with Phyllis and other investors.
  • Monthly lunches with Phyllis and other a real estate industry professional.
  • Entrance to Monthly Saturday Meetings
  • Over 12 hours of exclusive training with our nationally recognized speakers
  • Phyllis Millionaire Rolodex
  • 1 year FREE on Rockower’s Recipes
  • Entrance to Montly Meetings
  • Discounts on Seminar and Events.

The value of this membership  is over $12,000.  Since this is a new partnership with REICLA, we are offering the GOLD membership for $497.00 per year.   See Robyn for an application.

Many GOLD Members report the benefits of being a GOLD Member  as: a shorter learning curve, Accountability for making things happen, Confidence to make things happen, Leveraging on the experience of others, Setting and achieving goals, Avoiding costly mistakes, Availability of professional resources.  In the current market, with economic conditions shifting every day, the more help you have to navigate the changes and take advantage of them, the better.

Our Main Meetings Are $20 – It costs $20 to attend the main monthly meeting and see for yourself that IRCA is indeed the life-changing experience you’ve been waiting for. Please click here to join today or call Robyn at 818-678-6269.

The benefits listed above are only some of the “big picture” benefits IRC of America- Los Angeles has to offer. If you are serious, click the link above and get started on your road to financial independence via IRCA..