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Part of Pete Young’s expertise is teaching people how to rehabilitate properties for a fraction of the normal estimated cost.   His knowledge and ability to get the highest quality results for the lowest possible price earned his companies such prestigious renovation contracts as the living quarters as the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games, Courtyard By Marriott Hotels, two different contracts within international communications giant MCI, Publix Distribution Center, and hundreds of singe and multi-family homes nationwide.


Pete shares his contractor knowledge with investors and homeowners alike, teaching them how to put THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS into their own pocket by not spending it on inspections that you can preview yourself, or paying a contractor for what you can do.


Pete Young knows that buying discount properties insures a lower purchase price, and will teach you valuable contractor techniques to lower your fix up or maintenance costs by 50% or even 75%! You will literally add THOUSANDS to your net worth and equity position whether you own just one home or one hundred homes.


Pete teaches 101 valuable techniques, which range from minor cosmetics for the homeowner and new investor, to major rehabs for the seasoned investor.  Pete’s REHAB 101 techniques will save you time and money.


The Complete REHAB 101 Boot Camp Package!


Pete’s award winning REHAB 101 Package.


For one low price, you get all this:


  • The 101 most common money saving repairs manual and 4 compact disc set, explains everything from painting, carpet, wallpaper, linoleum, roofs, cabinets, bathrooms and much more.
  • The General Contractor Guidelines manual of forms, liability waivers, lien releases, change orders and contractors for rehab, as well as real estate, are also included in this amazing offer.
  • The Money For Nothing DVD, showing how over $10,000 was saved on one rehab, and several thousand on another.
  • The Property Inspection DVD and forms set.
  • The Termite Inspection DVD and forms set.
  • The free Worksite compact disc estimating software for estimating materials and labor costs.
  • The Complete forms compact disc containing loads of real estate and related contracts.
  • The REHAB 101 Boot Camp 4 compact disc series of the three day boot camp.

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